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About the Tours

About the Tours

Tours are led by professional, knowledgeable guides

Tours are led by professional guides

Our guided tours are led by professional guides who possess a wealth of knowledge about the Tsukiji Fish Market. They escort tour participants around various bustling morning market spots, providing explanations at each point. Our guides possess various skills including language related qualifications (around 10 have obtained the Japanese government's official English guide-interpreter qualification) and other expert knowledge, and around 30 of them have undergone special training in customer care. The training our guides receive makes them highly capable of looking after visitors and VIPs from within Japan as well as from overseas.

In the Spotlight: Japan's Culinary Culture

Tsukiji Fish Market Guided Tours organizes safe tours guided by experts according to Tsukiji fish market rules. We founded Tsukiji Information Center on the second floor of Tsukiji KY building at Tsukij 4 crossroads and earnestly offer the tours in order to further Japanese traditional seafood culture internationally as well as domestically.

Tour Features

Tour Features
A moving experience
Visit Tsukiji Fish Market, which sees the greatest number of fish traded in the world, and experience the thrills of Japan's seafood culinary culture for yourself!
Small groups; fulfilling tours
Our tours explore the market floor where fishmongers are hard at work, meaning we must keep tour numbers small as a safety consideration.
No language barriers
Our tour guides include qualified English guide-interpreters, so overseas guests can participate easily with no language concerns.

For customers visiting in large groups

Our tours are great for large groups as well -The Market Course can accept bookings of up to 30 guests. After all guests view an introductory video about Tsukiji together, you'll make your way to the market, with its exciting, bustling atmosphere. There, you will be split into small groups (a safety consideration for touring the market floor), each with its own tour guide who will escort you around the sights and sales outlets, giving fascinating explanations at each point. Top off your tour by chatting about the day's experiences together as you join the rest of your party for a delicious, fresh Tsukiji meal!

A chance for overseas visitors to experience Japanese culture up close

The olden-day Japanese charm existing in the air, the vibrant interaction of the market's fishmongers, and the 700 seafood stalls dotting the area, make Tsukiji the perfect place to come into real contact with Japanese culture. Overseas visitors are sure to have a fantastic time at the market, creating wonderful memories through their encounter with another culture at the market and on the tour. Please consider making one of our tours a part of your Japan experience.

For travel agents, hotels, cultural centers and other institutions

Why not consider a Tsukiji Fish Market Guided Tour as part of your next event? We are happy to arrange an original tour plan, constructing a course whose content is tailor-made to suit your trip itinerary or requests. Tsukiji is an internationally renowned tourist destination full of individuality and charm. We hope our guided tours can serve to increase the value of your company's ventures. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.