Visiting Tsukiji Outer Market and “Easy Sushi Making”

Tour Fare Tour fare JPY15,120
JPY16,500 (incl. tax)
Without tour fare JPY13,200 (incl. tax)
Tour Time AM9:00~PM12:30
Number of people Minimum Number of people
Age 6years and older 6year+

Course Detail


Meet at Tsikiji Information Center.
We begin with watching a video “A day in Tsukiji” featuring Tuna Auctions, active Inner fish market, etc.


Meeting at the 2nd floor of Tsukiji Kyoueikai KY building which is located at the intersection of Tsukiji 4-chome, Chuo Ward.

Reception of Toyosu・Tsukiji Information Center

The site for the starting of Tsukiji Guide Tour


Walk to Tsukiji Outer market, your guide will show you around 400 shops, where you can enjoy food tasting and shopping.

Tsukiji Outer Market with 400 retail shops


A sushi expert teaches you how to make “nigiri-zushi”
(small rice ball with a slice of fish on top) and “maki-zushi” (hand rolled sushi).
You can enjoy your works for lunch.

Voice of the guests

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Each course has a maximum number of participants, so please book as early as possible.
No tours will be held on the days when Toyosu Fish Market is closed, also the business holidays. Please check the calendar on the left before booking.

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If you want to apply for Toyosu・Tsukiji Tour or have some inquiries, please call this number.

Toyosu・Tsukiji Information Center


Our telephone lines are open from 10:00 to 16:00(JST), on all days except for Sundays,
public holidays, the business holidays, and days when the market is closed.