What is Tsukiji Market?

Tsukiji seen from the sky


Tsukiji Location Map


2 markets in Tsukiji ~“Tsukiji Inner Market” and “Tsukiji Outer Market”

Tsukiji Inner Market will move to Toyosu in this October.
※Tsukiji Outer Market will stay.

“Tsukiji Inner Market “ for professional buyers

Tsukiji Inner Market is organized by the Tokyo metropolitan government and roughly composed of 4 areas: ①The auction site where the seafoods coming from all over the world hand over to Intermediate wholesalers from wholesalers. ②Intermediate wholesalers area wholefoods are sold to the buyers of seafood shops, restaurants in town. ③The shipping site of goods ④Related area of restaurants shops of cooking tools and so on.

Tsukiji Inner Market is active for 24 hours in a day. Trucks from all over Japan keep coming with a lot of seafoods. After 5:00 in the morning, the auctions and individual deals start. The fishes are put at the shops of Intermediate wholesales area. Before 7:00, professional buyers start coming. At this time, it’s difficult to enjoy the shopping for ordinary people. Tsukiji Inner Market (except the auction site) can be visited after 9:00 in the morning, by anybody even for nonprofessionals. However, the Inner Market just looks like a big labyrinth, we recommended you to walk around smoothly and enjoy looking at fresh fish or rare fish with experienced guides.

Visitors can enjoy shopping at the intermediate wholesalers area for vegetables and fruits because some of them retails, too.

At “Tsukiji Outer Market”, you can try some foods and enjoy shopping of souvenirs.

After 7 in the morning until around 3 in the afternoon,”Tsukiji Outer Market” becomes nearly active with people in town keep coming and shopping freely. There are about 400 shops or restaurants in this area. Unlike “Tsukiji Inner Market”, it will not move to Toyosu because it is a private property.

Originally this town started as the site of buying foods or cooking tools and having meals for mid-whole sales if “Tsukiji Inner Market” professional buyers of “fish shops”, ”fruits and vegetables shops” and “restaurants” outside.

At present you can see some of very popular food companies in Japan such as “Kibun”, ”Aji-no-Hyodo”, ”Tsukugon” and so on. They started their business here. Recently, many shops such as egg omelet shops, ”Nori(seaweed laver)”shops started . Because of Tsukii boom, the number of Edo-style sushi restaurants and seafood bowl restaurants has increased. In has become “One big town of food”. You can try some foods and enjoy shopping of souvenirs here.

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